Tantra for Life
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For Men
Sessions longer than 60 mins include some counseling and/or Coaching
60 mins $220
90  mins  $325
2 hrs  $450
$100/30 mins thereafter

Why is a  true Tantra massage different?

A Tantra massage for men is a full body sensual massage where the focus is on getting you to "last". By connecting to your inner core you will reach the peak of ecstasy and "ride" it.

At the very  least this massage will relieve stress but it also has the ability to help you become a better lover. 

A "true" Tantra massage will give you a lasting feeling of bliss and contentment.
These therapies are meant to raise your spiritual awareness and your level of sexual knowledge, not for sexual gratification. I do not offer sex, fantasy, role-play, or illegal services of any kind....therefore, do not ask. Failure to honour this request will result in the termination of our conversation and/or session.

They are designed to help gain insight with self and sexual confidence issues, low libidos, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual addictions or to develop a healthy sexual pattern. Or, you can enjoy your time with me just relaxing and being pampered. 

To gain the most from our time together, come with your mind open and be prepared to fully surrender and receive my expert touch. Being fully present in this manner will permit you to become aware of the energies that I will be awakening within you, resulting in sensations and feelings you may not have felt in a while or perhaps never felt before.

If you wish to know if this is right for you then ask yourself this question: What is more important my sex life, or my spiritual life? If your reply is the latter, then it is.

Still undecided? Read my reviews.......