Tantra for Life
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About Lotus
Namaste....... Welcome..... My name is Lotus and  I am a Certified Tantric Counselor/Educator, Sexuality Coach and Spiritual Teacher. Over the last decade, I have helped men, women and couples from all walks of life overcome their sexual fears and hang-ups to become better individuals. I offer counseling in sexuality, relationships, abuse and intimacy issues including all types of sexual dysfunctions, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and sexual addiction. Even if there are no issues, and you just wish to relax and de-stress a Tantra Massage can offer you a certain level of peace and well-being not found in a regular massage.

My spiritual training over the last 10 years includes apprenticeship with Goddess Temple and meditation and Kashmirian Tantra massage under the Tantric Master and author, Daniel Odier. My ongoing studies and daily practice are under the guidance of Hsi Lai, author of the Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress and lineage holder of the White Jade Transformation Sect, and include Taoist philosophy, internal alchemy, meditation and Chinese massage. I am also a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. 

However........that is my life now but I have studied engineering and worked in the aeropspace industry for over 30 years, from which I am now retired, as well as in the health and fitness field......I have a wealth of true life experiences including two marriages and divorces and four children, three of whom are now adults. And yes, my pictures are current!

My philosophy of life is simple...... Live each day to the fullest and never do anything that will compromise my integrity regardless of what others may think of me. Live for today and not for tomorrow, or yesterday. To become a better person,  who endeavors to do the right thing.....My daily spiritual practice continually helps me with the wisdom, clarity and strength to live my truth and be all that I can be.

My intention for you is to raise your awareness and show you the path to your inner self, to support you and help you gain clarity and peace of mind as well as the contentment that you seek. To know yourself without judgment and be all you can be. I promise to support you in releasing any fear, guilt, shame, feelings of inadequacy, mistrust, pain, sadness, anger or understanding other feelings or emotions that you may be suppressing. Together I can show you how to connect the mind, body, spirit and emotions to allow you to experience the divine bliss and ecstatic pleasure that is your birthright....It is rightfully yours and I would love to be the one to help you attain it.